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A Very Warm Welcome to Radiant Core!

Imagine you wake up on Monday morning. It is early. Much earlier than usual.  You feel fully rested when the first sun rays reach your face through the bedroom’s window. You roll in bed slightly, then cuddle your beloved one. You wiggle your toes, stretch again and move to the side. You begin to cherish the extra 30 minutes ahead of you.

You get up, do your 5-min stretching routine and prepare herbal tea.

Now, while sipping the nettle tea, you are ready to look at your agenda.

What do you see?

It is going to be a busy day.

Two unpleasant complaints to make, two mentoring talks with younger colleagues who work poorly, a discussion with your co-worker who has been delaying progress on a project for weeks, working on a computer, rewriting the report you have been working on, preparing a new evaluation for your boss, and three tele-conferences on the top of a few decisions to be made.

Much more than it is possible to fit in a day. Yet, you stay calm and centered, deeply connected to your inner self.

You choose to concentrate on doing what is in front of you with genuine seriousness. Willingly, with justice.

You will focus on the task at hand and set yourself free from other distractions. You are pain free. Both physical and emotional.

You feel like the radiant energy runs through you nourishing your Body and Mind to help you to face the day.

“Welcome my New Day”, you say with a smile. You enter the day while being fully present. With attentive joy to face your challenges.

You are now in a place in life when things look much different to how they used to be.

What did make the difference?

Your connection to your Inner Self, your Radiant Core.


If you want to awake you Radiant Core and experience flow, come and see us.

We are here to help you to get well physically, mentally and emotionally.

The goal of the therapies offered here is to help you to re-balance Body and Mind so that you can feel empowered, regain energy and life back. Once at ease, you will re-model your life to your liking. It may take time, but it is possible with the right practice, willingness and conscious effort.

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Wellness vs Pain

Wellness is real. It is a clear sign of being in the flow with life. Blood, lymph and energy are moving in the body in unobstructed ways, providing nutrients and nourishment, as well as creative ideas, harmony and the sense of peace.

Pain, either physical or emotional, is real. It is a clear sign of stagnation. Stagnation is created by trapped energy, Qi, on some level in your body. It may affect muscles, tendons, lymph, blood and organs, or it may cause a vicious circle of thoughts or emotions.

Pain is disturbance. You may feel tense, aching, fatigued, swollen or bloated. Every organ, be it Liver or Kidneys, have their own function and energy, and works in co-operation with other organs.

For instance, Lungs’ role is to send the energy down and disperse it in all directions to provide the body with oxygen. Once it is disturbed due to build-up emotional tension (sadness, grief or worry), you may begin to slouch, hide your head in the shoulders and look constantly down. With tension and contraction, the functioning of Lungs is disturbed and, as a result, breathing becomes inefficient. With time this may lead to asthma, breathing difficulties, nasal congestion, dry cough, sharp pains in the chest, eczema and so on.

Chinese medicine recognises how energy is trapped and discriminates between the organs to find out which ones are contributing to the issue. Once the cause of disturbance is understood, a treatment to restore wellness (medicinal massage, acupuncture, cupping, soft tissue therapy, singing bowl massage) can be applied effectively.

This is what our goal is. To understand the issue and help from inside out. The real healing occurs because of the process which consolidates the therapy with a deep relaxation on the level of Body and Mind.


Wellness is not a state of perfect health, but a state of an internal harmony which is being created in every moment.

It originates from a strong and balanced Core. Of You.

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Wellness metaphor

Let me use a metaphor. Imagine you want to create a three leg chair.

If one of the legs is either too short or too long, it will be impossible to sit on. If all the legs have variable lengths, a monstrous chair will be created. If, either the legs are of variable thickness or unequally split, the chair will be hard to function. The three legs have to be balanced to guarantee a good support, as otherwise the chair will function poorly to its purpose.

Wellness, in the context of the chair metaphor, relies on a healthy relation of Three pillars:

  • Mind (Intelligence and Intellect)
  • Body (Physical Body), and
  • Soul (Emotions)

If you want to get well, you need to treat them with respect and harmonise their contributions. Your Core and functionality originates from that.

Wellness restored

Your natural reservoir of wellness can be restored thanks to the therapies we offer here:

Medicinal massage Whaley Bridge Buxton New Mills Disley Stockport

It is the quality of sound, touch and listening, together with the strong intent, that will make the difference for you. I am interested in doing the BEST and the massage / acupuncture principles I rely on facilitate the synthesis of Body, Mind and Soul. Your metabolism awaits to be boosted, your nervous system strives for calmness, while the clarity and the sense of well-being are set to be free.

Come and experience the benefits of these therapies:

  • for stress release,
  • for getting back to the flow,
  • for the quality sleep,
  • overcoming persistent tension, blockage or injury,
  • encouraging fertility,
  • boosting the immune system,
  • improving general health,
  • and calming the mind.

The treatments are supportive and can be applied individually or alongside other therapies from infancy to an old age.

 Come and experience what is possible.

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