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The Solution to Your Problems Lies Elsewhere

Imagine you are a teacher. You have had many good teachers in your life and a few bad ones, of course. Yet, you felt inspired by the ones who were exceptional.

You thought teaching would be easy.
You thought kids would be willing to learn.
You thought you would contribute to kids’ development.
Simply because you liked to teach.

The reality is different than imagination. However.

Despite your early enthusiasm you hate to come to school. Kids do not bother to learn. They are unmotivated, uninterested, lousy and bored. Every day begins with a struggle to keep the children quiet. Quiet … enough … so that you can teach. Then come explanations, examples and tasks.

Despite your early eagerness you have become disheartened. You are fed up with playing the role of a policeman to exert any authority. You are fed up with explanations, quizzes, and tests. Kids are annoying to say at least.

The atmosphere is heavy. Tense. Unpleasant. Thick.

The emotions are easily stirred up. You do your best. You come well prepared for the lessons. You take extra steps to explain difficult problems. You try to keep calm.

All in vain.

Even though you are professional, you are very frustrated and angry inside. It shows even when you attempt to hide it. Kids don’t like to learn. The dislike is mutual.

Why is this so?

Because there is a dissonance between your actions and who you (emotionally) are. You are a person who hates teaching. It is not about teaching in general, as you still love it, but teaching in real circumstances, these particular kids in this particular school.

It is dreadful for you to come to the class every morning. The more horrid it is, the more effort you put in to polish your teaching and be a person of authority. You do your best to change the situation.

You ask others for advice.
You exercise new techniques of leadership.
You learn new teaching approaches.

All in vain.

You are now getting truly fed up. You attempt to change the situation in all ways possible. You want to change the behaviour of the kids.

To make them listen to you.
To make them be interested.
To make them learn.

All in vain.

Because you attempt to solve the problem as a problem which lies outside of you. True, the problem presents from outside of you, but it is merely of reflection.

It is your problem. Yours. Truly. Inside. Not somebody’s else. Whether you like it or not, it refers to the depths of you.

Contrary to all ideas and approaches, the solution is indirect. You know that the solution lies beyond the tricks, strategies, tools and advice. It lies beyond the tactics. It even lies beyond your skills.

Because you have tried everything. Everything possible.  What have missed so far?

You need a solution from a different level of consciousness than the level on which the problem was created.

The solution exists, of course. It lies deeper.

It involves the process of changing yourself. At the Core.

At this moment you are the person who has lost the love for teaching. Certainly, teaching the kids you are in charge of. What you need to do is to awaken this love again. Awaken the primary enthusiasm and eagerness.

This love has to come from you, from the deepest layers of You. Both from Soul and Spirit. It requires a transformation. Allowing yourself to lit the fire for the joy for teaching, for explaining ideas, for helping others to challenge themselves and grow.

You need to unlearn the old ways. The push. The stress. The must.

So … You do that.

First …. Nothing changes. There are no observable outcomes. But you know that a transformation takes time. So, you cherish your enthusiasm every day. You keep focused on what’s the most precious. You focus on your vision. The vision of yourself teaching kids who are hungry for knowledge and understanding.

No visible changes appear in the next month. …Perhaps only the kids pay more attention. Simply because you have stopped being stressed about the noise and their laughter, and them wanting to disturb you. You largely ignore the noise and deliver your message to the few interested ones.

You speak slowly, in a rhythm of your breath. Your words are well rounded. Clear. Strong. Reaching the back.

Hardly any change is observable in the kids. But… there is so much happening in you.

You have stopped being stressed even though the noise and disturbance are there. The words begin to come from your heart. You are there to deliver your message. The message inspired by satisfaction which comes when understanding occurs at depth.

You share.

Another month with hardly any change.


After two more months, the change is there. Suddenly. One day. There is silence. You teach your material and kids are listening. They are interested. Motivated. In awe of an interesting lesson.

This is a real breakthrough.

Since that moment, life is never the same. The kids become truly interested. They become curious. They want to learn and grow. As a result, your class becomes the best at school in the following months.


This happens because your message is consistent with your medium. Who you are at your heart shines through in accordance of what you teach.

There is no longer a dissonance. There is no gap. You are authentic as yourself and as a teacher. The role of a joyful teacher has merged with you at the core.

As a result, you begin to inspire young people. They feel “Hey, this is really cool.” The kids want to learn, interested in the subject. The wind of changes blows hard.


This is the true solution to your problem. It includes your inner transformation.
The problem ceases to exist. Not because you attempted to change the circumstances or the situation directly, but because you have changed yourself.

You have become truly integrated with yourself on a deeper level.
Coherent. United. At peace.

As a result, your actions have changed and truly emerge as coherent. They touch the young hearts.

The moral is this:

If you have a problem in your life you struggle with and you have tried everything in vain, change yourself. Become consistent between who you are and what your message is.
This is the most effective way.

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