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When your Core is radiant, you can live a fulfilled life. By "Core", we can understand different body/mind systems and functions. For me, Core, with the capital C, cannot be described by a single point of view. We may choose to look at Heart, as the Emperor of the body, or the Spirit, as a source of Consciousness. Or, we can perhaps give attention to the autonomic nervous system which controls so many functions. None of them lives in isolation, though.


Relations is what counts.

At the most fundamental level, this is the relation between Body, Mind (Intelligence), Spirit and Soul (Emotions). At the more detailed level, Core is a living web of relations and communication channels. It is not only the organs and systems, but merely their conscious co-creation and collaboration of who you are in the very moment.

Radiant Core is a state which comes naturally when you listen to your Body, Mind and Soul, and when communication channels are open and informative between the physical (organs, glands, tissues, muscles, joins, bones, and blood), mental, emotional, and spiritual Selves. Only then a real transformation can happen. Personal development becomes natural.

The purpose of the therapies I offer is to restore the balance between Body, Mind and Soul. Once this is achieved, your Self will become radiant.


About Ela

Since I remember I have always been emphatic and appreciative of healing touch. I was involved in hands on treatments to improve the well-being of others. First, I used touch to heal my teddy bears. Later, I learned specific massage techniques, which I practised diligently on on family and friends. With persistence and experimentation, I have become quite effective.

I have an inquisitive mind which pushes me to question conventional knowledge, including my own. I like concepts which challenge my foundations. I love asking questions and looking for answers, so if you want to see a probe of what puzzles me, look at www.elapekalska.com.

I am a tester, which means I put things to test. If I like an idea, a concept or a method, I will test it extensively and modify it from or by experience. This is a fantastic fastline approach as it allows one to build skills, develop intuition, and constantly adjust the techniques, in a relatively short time. As I have long abandoned my fear of social disapproval, I am eager to take risk in developing ideas and testing them.

My path has led me through various healing modalities and approaches, some quackery too. Mostly self-learned. My main path was that of a scientist in pattern recognition, which as you guessed, is about recognising patterns but now by computer means. I loved it deeply. I cherished it dearly. I got a PhD degree (with distinction for my stubborn efforts to investigate off beaten paths for non-metric and pseudo-Euclidean spaces). I have worked at university for some years in the UK. If you are interested, you can glance through my publications here.

The arrival of three beautiful kids created an unpredictable chain of events in which the vision of life with sweet little babies proved to be untrue. Their health challenges questioned everything I imagined on how to be a mother. My thinking adapted from problem solving to helping the kids become well proved unsuccessful. As I have learned and grown in understanding what well-being was about, I felt encouraged to switch the paths. First, involuntarily and with hesitation; now with dedication :).

The mental shift occurred when I allowed my mind to enjoy full exploration and to replace the joy of contribution by creative thought by the joy by helping others become integrated Selves. As a result, I can consolidate approaches and combine paradoxes from different healing methodologies.

In my searches I discovered a few effective directions: herbal medicine (both western and eastern), osteopathy (combined with Eastern approaches),  Tui Na massage and acupressure / acupuncture. Yay! I was pleased. I wanted to learn these professionally in order to be more conscious of the health adventure I was in.

Over time, my kids have tremendously benefited from the treatments. Not only their health has improved but also their learning difficulties have solved. I was astonished. In comparison to many holistic approaches, Tui Na (Osteopathy), Cupping and Herbs certainly stand out.

Learning experience and qualifications

I am fully qualified Tui Na practitioner, which means I use therapeutic medicinal massage, cupping and heat therapy in my treatments. I also hold diplomas in classical massage and singing bowl massage (which is a great top up to the Tui Na experience). In addition, I trained as a life coach. I am fully insured, too.

I keep learning and extending my skills all the time. I am currently pursuing a diploma in the Chinese acupuncture. I will qualify in six months. I have also done a few CPD courses, including pediatric massage and cosmetic acupuncture.

As healing starts with a relaxed mind, as David Hamilton discusses here or there, the main goal of my treatments is to create a healing space for your Body, Mind and Soul to collaborate into your wellness. I will help you to remove stagnation, ease pain and encourage you to consciously be in charge of your life.

Come and experience what Tui Na, Cupping and Singing Bowl massage can do for you.

My vision

My vision for this work is to:

  • Create a healing space to encourage re-balancing of Body and Mind;
  • Reach the Core to inspire an authentic transformation;
  • Support the process of change;
  • Help others be in charge of their own wellness.

My purpose is to:

  • Live authentically and consciously;
  • Grow tremendously, especially by embracing fears;
  • Resonate with compassion and love;
  • Learn and teach;
  • Spread passion and abundance;
  • Live by co-operation and co-creation.

Embrace your life and live it fully. Eat, Grow and Be in Flow.

To our Conscious Growth,


Radiant core

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