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We are based in Whaley Bridge, High Peak. It is a small town between Manchester and Buxton which can be reached via A6 by car, by train or buses. Appointments are now offered on:

  • Tuesday, 1:20pm to 5:30pm at Riverside Wellbeing, 1 Market Street, SK23 7AA Whaley Bridge.
  • Monday, 9:30am to 3pm, Thursday and Friday, 9:30am to 7pm in Whaley Bridge.

If you need a different time, please send me an SMS. I will see what is possible.

Appointments on Saturdays or Sundays will involve an extra £5 charge.

Mobile Massage Appointments

We offer mobile massage treatments onsite to make your event or party a truly memorable experience in the area of High Peak, Stockport and Manchester. Up to 10 people can be massaged in two hours to make them feel special, relaxed and revitalised. We specialise in a massage which balances Body and Mind, which is possible thanks to advanced techniques and acupressure based on the Chinese medicine.

Please contact us for further details.

Reservation of Appointments

Please make a reservation by:

I will text you back, call you back or answer your email.


Please come promptly for your appointment. If you come too early, I may still be with another client, so I will ask you to return later. If you are late, I can offer you a reduced treatment within your time slot for the full price.

Depending on the need and mutual agreement, your treatment may include only one approach, say Tui Na massage or cupping massage, or be a mix.

Appointments last up to 1h for children age 12+ or adults and 30-40 min for babies and small kids. Please allow additional 20 min for the initial consultation.



Babies and children below age 12:

Initial Consultation and Treatment: £35 / 40-50min
Follow Up Treatments: £30 / 40min
Combined Tui Na and Singing Bowl massage: £30 / 40min

Children age 12+ and adults:

Initial Consultation and Treatment: £40 / 1h 20min
Follow Up Treatments: £25 / 30min (only for a simple health issue)
Follow Up Treatments: £35 / 1h
Combined Tui Na and Singing Bowl massage: £45 / 1h 20min


Children and adults:

Initial Consultation and Treatment: £35 / 1h
Follow Up Treatments: £30 / 45min
Combined Tui Na and Acupuncture: £40 / 1h 20min


Children and adults:

Initial Consultation and Treatment: £40 / 1h20min
Follow Up Treatments: £30 / 1h
Combined Tui Na and Acupuncture: £40 / 1h 20min


Onsite Mobile Massage (up to 10 people) £80-120 / 2h
Full day (up to 10 people) £150-250

Payment is made at the end of each treatment by cash.

Cancellations and missed appointments

Please be aware that appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at £15. Appointments missed without cancellation are to be paid in full.

What to wear

Please come in soft, loose, simple clothing as otherwise the applied techniques may loose their practicability, while assisted stretching may become impossible.

Please wear no jeans, no skirt and no dress.

The Tui Na medicinal massage and singing bowl massage is applied through clothing, when you either lie down on a massage table or are seated, depending on the condition. You will be covered with a cotton sheet which facilitates the smoothness of the techniques used. Occasionally, a special ointment can be rubbed into the skin to help with deep muscle work, or a massage oil may be rubbed into the neck, hands or feet.

Cupping is applied to the bare skin so it is necessary to remove some of your clothes, e.g. a top. Please be also aware that cupping may leave some bruising that will disappear usually within a week time.


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