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Back pain, neck pain, tension release and stress release

“After having put up with the pain for a long time, I reached the point when the pain became unbearable. I developed tendon pains and neck pains as well. Luckily, I’ve found Ela and she was able to ease my pain. After the massage and heat lamp therapy, my pain was gone for good and never returned. I immediately felt lighter and happier. I see Ela regularly to keep myself well and to release the tension built up by stress.”


Back pain release / general health
“I have had two sessions with Ela so far, which involved a detailed chat about my health and my medical issues, a relaxing and soothing massage followed by acupuncture. Ela is very welcoming and professional, and was incredibly informative, she talked me through the process and why it works the way it does. She also gave me some really useful information on some herbal remedies for me to try out at home. I certainly feel that I benefited from the sessions, and have already recommended her to friends of mine.”


Excessive fatigue

“I went to see Ela with various symptoms including excessive fatigue and feeling generally unwell. I’ve been this way for the last 27 years and have visited doctors who have all drawn blank and made me feel that the symptoms are all in my head.

Meeting Ela has been a life changing experience for me (even family and friends have noticed) as for the first time somebody understood my symptoms and need to solve these issues to be able to live better. Ela spoke about various dietary options and supplements which do seem making a difference, and I also had the Chinese massage to help to re-balance my system which definitely seems to help me.

It has been so nice to meet somebody willing to listen to me, believe in my symptoms and then help to remove them from my life. I will definitely continue to visit Ela as and when I need to, and would recommend anybody giving this approach a try as it really can make a difference.”

Chest pain and re-balance of Body and Mind

“I was recommended to see Ela by a friend for a chest pain I was experiencing. After the Tuina massage I instantly felt more open and positive almost like there was also an emotional release. My chest pain has gone and the whole experience was lovely. Ela was kind yet professional and intuitively knew what to do with my body after me explaining my symptoms. I would recommend anyone suffering with aches pains, discomfort or feeling emotionally stuck to go and visit her.”


Aches and pains, bruises, bumps and collisions, tummy pains, headaches

Mummy Ela is always helping me with all aches and pains in my body. I especially like the pinching-grasping on my back and the rubbing of my tummy. It is sometimes ticklish. Even my headaches are gone when mummy rubs my head and neck. I also like the singing bowl put on my body as it gives beautiful sounds. She also makes (herbal) teas to help me feel better.


General well-being
“The massage focussed on the areas where I felt tension. I found the explanations useful. It was a great experience. I felt so much better after my treatment than I had before I went in.”

A. R.

General well-being

“I had a medicinal massage from Ela that I found completely relaxing and I truly believe improved my well being. I left feeling more relaxed and positive about life. I can highly recommend Ela!”


Neck stifness

“Working a lot with a computer, I often complain about pain in the neck and its stiffness. I started to look for solutions to my problem. This is how I came across RadiantCore. Already the first hour massage helped to relieve greatly my pains! Besides the massage itself, I also received a thorough explanation of the causes of my problems. I’m pleased to recommend Ela’s services!”


Back and shoulder pain

“Really friendly lovely lady. Listened to my issues with my back + shoulder + treated me accordingly. She really worked on the areas she could feel were bad. I feel that it has been a beneficial treatment for my health problems + that her advice was sound.”

General pains in the body

“I felt listened to. It was very holistic. I was given some good common-sense health advice. Ela was very professional but friendly. I felt that she knew her treatment very well and practiced it confidently. This made me feel confident
as well.”

School worker

Digestive issues
“I appreciate the info I learned about nutritional needs. Brill – very relaxing + informative about diet. She knew a lot about medical conditions and how to treat them with diet + how to improve lifestyle. I would love it again :)”


Digestive issues
“I felt so relaxed and the treatment was excellent, she worked on muscles I was having problems with. This was the best massage I have had and will definitely be having another one. ”


Low back and hip issues
“For about 20 years I have had a lower back and hip injury. I have had many different massages. Ela’s Tui Na massage was deep and firm. At all times I felt complete trust and confidence in her abilities. It felt like the massage had a deeper reach. Ela also has a broad knowledge of holistic health. I would recommend her massage.”


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