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What to expect at the treatment?

During your appointment I will ask you questions about your general health, medical history and lifestyle. I may look at your tongue and complexion and take your pulse on the wrists, as well. There is plenty of time for you to ask questions if you like.

Based on my findings we will discuss and agree the most appropriate treatment for you. Each treatment is tailored to your specific needs and may include Tui Na (medicinal massage), acupressure taping, foot massage, cupping, cupping massage or singing bowl massage. Acupuncture will come as an option as well by the end of this year.


Singing Bowl massage: You will stay in your clothes and lie down on a massage table. The singing bowl will be place on some parts of your body and your body will absorb the vibration from the bowl.

Cupping: You will be asked to remove some of the clothes to allow the cups to be applied on your skin. A massage oil may be rubbed into the skin to facilitate movement of the cup.

Tui na/acupressure massage: You will stay in your clothes and either lie down on a massage table or be seated, depending on the treatment. Then you will be covered with a cotton sheet which facilitates the smoothness of the techniques used.

It is necessary to come in soft, loose clothing as otherwise the applied techniques will loose their practicability and assisted stretching may become impossible. If this is so, you may not be able to take all the benefits from the treatment.

Please wear no jeans, no skirts neither dresses.

You will also be asked to remove jewellery and a mobile phones if in a pocket.

The treatment does not generally include the whole body massage but focuses on the problematic area and the related channels (e.g. upper body, hands and feet). Depending on the issues to be addressed, your condition and a personal preference, the treatment can be either vigorous, or gentle, or a mix.

Please be aware that, if necessary, a special ointment will be rubbed into the body area to assist a deep muscle work. In addition, a massage oil may be used on neck, hands and feet to facilitate the movement. It may also be needed to work on the exposed tummy area, so please wear a top that can be rolled up to the ribs.

Response to Treatment

Each person is unique. The response to treatment varies. Some people experience a good improvement after the first treatment, while others may need a few treatments before seeing improvement.

In general, acute conditions may be resolved in as little as 2 or 3 treatments. Chronic conditions often need more sessions before a good progress is experienced. Usually, one treatment per week is recommended for the first 3 or 4 weeks, after which the sessions are spaced further apart.

You are welcome to come for one off treatment to find out how you like it.

The use of a holistic approach enables treatment of the whole person. My experience has shown that most people find unexpected benefits above and beyond their initial reason for seeking treatment. Examples include improved sleep, digestion or appetite; improved mental clarity; improved energy, inner balance and improved sense of well-being.


Babies and children:

Initial Consultation and Treatment: £30 / 40min
Follow Up Treatments: £25 / 30-40min
Combined Tui Na and Singing Bowl massage: £30 / 40min


Initial Consultation and Treatment: £40 / 1h 20min
Follow Up Treatments: £25 / 30min
Follow Up Treatments: £35 / 1h
Combined Tui Na and Singing Bowl massage: £45 / 1h 20min

You will be asked to pay by cash (or checque, if needed) at the end of the treatment.

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