Radiant Core Wellness

Mobile massage at Parties, Events and Workplace

Do you want to have a successful event with happy people? Take their need for relaxation seriously.

I provide a professional onsite massage service at your Pampering Party, Birthday Party, Wedding, Promotion or Wellness Day at your workplace, or any suitable Event. I work in the area of High Peak, Stockport and Manchester.

The massage is being tailored to suit the needs of individual clients. It will last between 10 and 15min per person. It is done on a chair while a person is fully clothed.

Pamper your guests, co-workers or friends. The relaxation element will make your event a memorable one, for sure. Increase productivity (or fun) and decrease stress.

To help with the Wellness days at your workplace, I also offer 40min appointments for a total of 8-10 people in a day. Massages are done on a professional massage table, while a person is fully clothed. The massage works well for stress release, overcoming persistent tension, blockage or injury, for the quality sleep, boosting the immune system, improving general health, and calming the mind.


Please contact me for further details. The price depends on the needs and the distance to travel. More therapists can be arranged.

2h-event (up to 10 people massaged) – £80-120
Full day massage (up to 10 people)    – £150-250

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