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Shine your health – Skype mentoring


Would you like to feel at ease, pain free and balanced?

Of course you would.
It is however very hard to discriminate what is beneficial and what is disadvantageous in the abundance of information around.

Lots of advice is contradictory, too, including what to eat and what type of exercise to do. It adds to the confusion.

Would you like to talk to somebody who can help you to define the effective approaches for yourself?
Of course you would.

I can help you to clear confusion and define the path of improvement for yourself. This will involve (a tailored to your situation) daily practise (e.g. a self-massage or stretches), nutrition advice and lifestyle changes. It is all based on the knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as the Chinese medicine, herbs and nutrition. Self-massage and/or stretches are usually a necessary compound of a radiant presence as they both affect and strengthen the relations between organs, muscles, tissues and the amazing influence of fascia.

Your Minds and Soul will become healthy in a healthy Body.

As a result of practices and changes, you will be able to balance yourself and become a more energetic and radiant person. For instance you will be able to help yourself with digestive problems, headaches, hormonal imbalances, infertility, stress, high blood pressure, low immunity, frequent colds and flu, as well as insomnia, stress, unhappiness, or learning difficulties of your children (e.g. dyspraxia, dyslexia).

First, you will be attentively listen to, and we will carefully examine your concerns, pains and health issues. Then, you will decide what are your most important issues to be addressed first. Depending on the challenge, I will explain you how you can move forward in small, consistent steps. I will write a short email to you with the summary of recommendations. A follow-up discussion is encouraged.

To your radiant Health!



Please contact me for further details.

Up to 50min Skype discussion – £45

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